John Simms’ Light Trails


At last, a solo album from John Simms, a long-established and distinguished guitarist, singer, and songwriter. Known for his work with Clear Blue Sky, Ginger Baker, John Entwistle, Bernie Torme, and many more, this album typically presents entirely original songs, written and produced by John.


‘Chromatology’ (the colours of music), features a unique blend of rock, prog, psych, space, fusion and even jazz elements. Soaring above everything is the acclaimed guitar works John is so well known for.

Also featured is Ohead, who adds classy spacey musicscapes, and Maxine Marten, who intertwines vocal parts and harmonies, enriching the overall blend. Tim Jones from Stone Premonitions also features. Presented as a mini vinyl look CD with cover, the album makes a fine collector’s piece, as it’s a limited edition.

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John Simms is one of the originators of early British heavy rock. Former lead guitarist of Clear Blue Sky, he was also one of the youngest musicians around at that time.

He began playing guitar in his very early teens and his first record signing was with the infamous Vertigo label (Black Sabbath, Rod Stewart, Gentle Giant etc.) when he was just 17, and the album was released in January 1971 just after he turned 18.

By then he had vast experience playing live, and was writing in a totally original style. Throughout the years, John has broadened his style portfolio and has recorded blues, space rock, progressive rock, heavy rock, funk, commercial tracks, fusion, ambient, to name but a few.

John has always remained distinct, refusing to copy trends or to cover other people’s songs. Today John’s guitar style is distinctive with cross-genre elements and likewise his songs.

Here you will discover all you need to know about John Simms, his music, his love of guitars and his unique musical journey……

Extremely rare early film footage- features guitarist John Simms. Marquee in London.



Stephen King

John Simms & Maxine Marten have created a musical score for a Stephen King story entitled ‘Stationary Bike’ produced by Alexander Haydn Jones. It is currently wowing film festivals and has just won an award.

Bernie Torme

John Simms features on guitar on the new Bernie Torme (Ozzy Osbourne/Ian Gillan/Atomic Rooster etc) album entitled ‘Shadowland’. It also features Maxine Marten on backing vocals and percussion. It’s a great album from a great musician and a great guy. Highly recommended. Out now!

John Simms’ Light Trails

This is the first guitar dominated solo project created and made available to the public. John Simms’ Light Trails (2018) represents entirely original tracks, which amply displays John’s current guitar and songwriting style.

Light Trails is an organic, natural effort, created intuitively and instinctively. John never writes for ‘the market’, and never has; he simply plays what he feels.

The style is difficult to label. It is easier to say Light Trails embraces a collection of styles and genres. You are invited to be the judge!

Watch the John Simms’ Light Trails ‘Night Star’ video on youtube

John Simms and Ohead

The collaboration between John and Ohead (David Hendry) is now long established. As well as spectacular live performances, John features on all the recent Ohead albums, which are currently available. The music of Ohead is considered distinct, unique and very high class. Ambient, space cover some of the bases, but by no means all.

John has long admired David’s high-level skills in creating original music, as well as his exceptional ability in production, art and graphics. Says John: Dz David is an incredible musician, keyboard wizard, arranger, producer, artist and so many other things to do with music. David’s music is totally original, and he is a great guy. It’s wonderful to work with David as he is entirely original and I never know what the final outcome will be and I love surprises and the outcome by him is always top quality.

Ohead also features in many of John’s projects. Expect more in the future! Meanwhile, sample the albums and live performance on the Ohead website.

John Entwistle

John Entwistle was of course, the extraordinary bass player with The Who. The two Johns enjoyed a long friendship and musical collaboration. Recordings exist in the archives. Entwistle loved to play live with John and often turned up spontaneously and performed.

Ginger Baker

Ginger Baker is the notorious drummer of Cream (Eric Clapton & Jack Bruce) The Graham Bond Organisation, Hawkwind, Blind Faith, Gary Moore, and Masters of Reality etc. John did many tours with Ginger as The Ginger Baker Group featuring Ian Macdonald on bass and John Simms as lead guitarist and lead vocalist. When John and Ian arrived for the first tour consisting of large stadium concerts, they were surprised to have no rehearsal and just to be given a verbal set list minutes before going on stage. Not everyone could pull this off, but they did!

Ginger Baker and John Simms


Formed in the 1980’s, this was a fusion rock band featuring Kofi Baker (son of Ginger) on drums, Kraznet Montpelier on bass, and Maxine Marten on vocals & percussion. There are a huge amount of recordings available.

Tim Jones & Stone Premonitions

Tim Jones is one of the most unique, prolific, productive musicians on the British UK underground scene. His vast history cannot be contained here, but he has done so much to promote and place original music on the public platform, and not just his own, but that of countless other artists and bands.

Tim Jones is a gifted writer, vocalist, songwriter, guitarist, musician and producer, as well as a seasoned radio presenter, and is always managing one music project or another with fine results. Tim has long run the Stone Premonitions label, and there seems to be no end to the continuing longevity.

Tim and John have a firm friendship and deeply enjoy collaborating on various musical ventures, and this will continue indefinitely. The Census of Hallucinations recordings and videos, for example, have seen some of the most unique and artistic offerings.

Check back regularly for updates – there is bound to be something new sooner or later!!